Kirsty’s biggest rule is ‘No court’.  
After her own bad experiences and seeing her clients struggle mentally and emotionally with the court process, Kirsty has developed her business to focus on out of court solutions.  

Kirsty took a big step in leaving the traditional law firm where she was partner for seven years to concentrate on helping people in her own authentic way. Through mediation, coaching and collaborative practice, Kirsty lives by a kinder, calmer approach to family law to help separating couples reach peaceful negotiations. 

To further prepare clients for the negotiation process, Kirsty has developed an online training course and has written a book, ‘What are we fighting for? A Peaceful Pathway for Separating Couples’ which she readily shares with her clients. 

Join me in my conversation with Kirsty to learn more about how Flourish Family Law are doing law differently.  

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About Kirsty

Kirsty describes herself as a Family Lawyer, Mediator, Divorce Coach, Author and founder of Flourish Family Law, a Boutique Law Firm that specialises in helping families separate peacefully and out of court.  

Kirsty left her rural regional practice 4 years ago to start her own boutique law firm. Today, Kirsty’s work is solely focused on helping separated couples reach amicable agreements by providing solutions that focus on kind and peaceful negotiation methods.  

Kirsty’s mission is to help as many families as possible learn about and be educated on peaceful separation solutions so that they can become stronger during and thrive after separation. 

Kirsty Salvestro quotes 

  • “I find that the coaching keeps them in the calmer, controlled and supported state, rather than really emotional, expressing themselves in anger because they’re hurt and confused. Having the coaching, you’re able to pull them back in and reality test without them going off the path. Coaching clients tend to stay really well focused and move onto some really great family law solutions.” 
  • “I really focus on kindness, I believe kindness and following your behaviour and values is so important… but also preparing the person, not just the papers and documents but really getting people to think about everything before they start moving on to negotiations.” 

Find Kirsty Salvestro online at Flourish Family Law, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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